Trip Days
8 Days




Cairo , Alexandria, El Alameen, Siwa


Air-conditioned tourist class mini-van


Cairo, Alexandria and Siwa Oasis’ wonders

Explore the treasures of the Lower Egypt during this 8 days tour.

Start your journey with the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Face the greatness of the Ancient Egypt : the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara. Loose yourself in the Egyptian Museum where you can admire several mummies and of course the most important and beautiful treasure of the Ancient Egypt : that of king Tutankhamun.

The magnificent religious buildings will make you feel the spiritual vibes of this city : Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagog. Explore the Citadel and the medieval, but still operating, souk of Khan El Khalili. No doubt that the Islamic and Coptic Cairo will deep you straight into the Middle Ages. 

Travel to Alexandria and explore its splendid monuments : Library of Alexandria, Qaitbay Citadel, the Catacombs, Alexandria National Museum, Saint Catherine Church and Pompey Pillar. As reflected in the variety of its monuments and the miscegenation of its inhabitants, Alexandria used to be for most of its history a cosmopolitan town. Have a walk on the coastline to enjoy the fresh mediterranean air and the pleasing sound of the waves. 

Before your last step, let’s stop over El Alamein and relive the glorious past of this city. Famous for the two great battles that took place there, El Alamein is an open-air museum dedicated to the North Africains companies of World War II.

End your trip on a high note with an excursion in Siwa Oasis : a pearl in the middle of the Western Desert. Palms, golden sand, crystalline water springs : Siwa has a taste of paradise. 


Day 1

Welcome to Egypte.
Aladin Tours’ representative will meet you at Cairo International Airport and accompany you to your hotel for overnight. The representative will assist you with the check-in procedure.


Day 2

After breakfast, your guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel.

Start your private tour by discovering the last remaining ancient wonder of the world : the Pyramids of Giza : Cheops, Mykerinus and Chephren. Learn the history of this miraculous edifices that still keep the mystery of their construction. From the Plateau, enjoy the unique view of the Pyramids emerging from the golden sand of Giza. It’s the moment to take the pictures of your life ! Before leaving the site, let’s greet Abu El Hol, the 3000 years old great Sphinx.

Reach now the second step of your journey : the Pyramid of Saqqara also know as the Pyramid of Djoser. Saqqara is the vast necropolis of the ancient Memphis. It’s on this site that King Djoser built his tomb more than 4000 years ago. It was the first time in history that the pyramidal shape was used to build the tomb of a kind.

After lunch, finish your day by visiting the Museum of Cairo which contains the most beautiful artifacts of Ancient Egypt, royal mummies and the amazing treasure of King Tutankhamun. Return to your hotel for overnight.


Day 3

The Islamic and Coptic Cairo.

Travel back to time by visiting the medieval district of Cairo. Enter the Citadel built in 1183 by sultan Salah El-Dine in order to defend the city against the army of the Crusaders. Therefore,
the hill El Mokattam, was a strategic location but it was also chosen for the purity of its air. Indeed, looking for a pure place to settle, the sultan ordered to hang a piece of meat in few places of Cairo to see where it remains fresh the longest : it appears that is was in El Mokattam! This fortress used to be the residence of Egyptian rulers during 700 years, nowadays it hosts many mosques and museums.

Visit one of the most beautiful and impressive historic construction of the Mamluk epoch : Sultan Hassan Mosque. It’s an islamic complex composed of a mosque and a madrassa where the 4 islamic schools of thought used to be taught.

Proceed to the coptic part of the city and pay attention to Ben Ezra Synagogue. Famous for its Geniza, this temple is believed to have been built where Moses was found by Pharaoh’s daughter when he was a baby.

Hanged above the gate of the old Babylone Fortress, the Hanging church seeks to be admired. Proceed inside this holy edifice and examine the 13 pillars the whole nave stands on. It’s believed that the pillars symbolise Jesus and his 12 apostles, and the darker one represents Juda.

Make your way through the streets of Khan El Khalili. Built in the 14th century this souk is still the first choice for all locals who want to buy gold. Spices, gold, soap, handmade souvenirs… you can find almost anything here. And in the case that one merchant can’t provide you what you are looking for, he will be happy to find you a seller who can. Need to go back home with a souvenir : Khan El Khalili is the ideal place for that !

Overnight in Cairo.


Day 4

Travel to Alexandria.

After your breakfast, take a sit in an air-conditioned vehicle to Alexandria.

Venture into the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa. Mixing the best of Egyptian, Greek and Roman funerary art, this roman necropolis was one of the seven wonders of the medieval world. Nowadays, you can still admire the set of tombs, statues and archeological items.

Nearby, you can’t miss the monumental Pompey Pillar. Contrary to what its name suggests, this pillar has nothing to do with the famous Roman general Pompey ! The pillar was actually erected in the glory of the emperor Diocletian in 291. Made of one whole piece of Aswan’s red granite, Pompey pillar reaches a height of 26.85 m. This impressive structure is located on the ruins of the temple of Serapis, the Egyptian-Greek god and protector of Alexandria. Next to the Pillar, you can admire a sphinx built in honor of Serapis.

Your journey leads you now to Saint Catherine Church. Facing the religious building, examine the details of its neo-baroque architecture. Once you get inside, you will be amazed by the way the sunlight enters the building and highlights its magnificence. According to christian tradition, Saint Catherine was a princess and a scholar who became christian at the age of 14 and converted with her hundreds of pagans. After being tortured and imprisoned, she was finally executed by emperor Maxentius and as a result became a martyr.

Visit Alexandria National Museum. Hinging on three main collections, this museum tells the history of the ancient cosmopolitan city.

Discover Qaitbay Citadel, a legacy of the Mamluk Dynasty built on the vestige of what used to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world : the lighthouse of Alexandria.
Erected in 1477 by Sultan Ashram Sayf El Din Qait Bay the citadel is a perfect example of the Mamluk military architecture. It was specially constructed to protect Alexandria from the invasion of the Ottoman Empire.
Overnight in Alexandria.


Day 5

Travel to El Alamein.

After your breakfast, take a sit in an air-conditioned vehicle to Alexandria.

Historically, Al Alamein was a field for two important World War II battles between the Allies and the Axis. This two battles ended with the victory of the Allies but with many losses in both sides. You can visit the eternal home of thousands soldiers in the Cemetery of the Commonwealth and the German, Italian and Greek cemeteries.
Proceed between the uniforms, photos and artillery of the War Museum and relive the intensity of the battlefield.

Drive to the port city of Marsa Matruh for overnight. The bright white sand and the turquoise sea are an idyllic stop-over before reaching Siwa Oasis.


Day 6

Travel to Siwa. The long way to the Oasis is well worth for those who wants to experience its magic.

It’s time to leave the urbanized world for the purity of desert by entering the Oasis of Siwa.
Isolated in the middle of the Wester Desert, Siwa’s society completely differs from the dominant Egyptian culture and thus offers you a unique experience. Discover the local Siwan traditions and characteristic berber language : the Siwi.

The crystalline springs disseminated throughout the oasis are sanctuaries against the insistent heat. The most famous one is the Cleopatra’s Bath : get into the stone pool and enjoy the relaxing gurgles of the translucent spring water. The changing air temperature and the bubbling water make the water cool in the day and warm during the fresh evenings.

Contemplate the salty lakes emerging from the golden soil in order to vivify the blazing sand dunes. Take the opportunity of a mountain tour to admire the pleasant sunset.

Enjoy a visit of the ruins of the Temple of the Oracle which was devoted to the god Ammun. This temple was erected by Alexander the Great in order to confirm that he was the son of Zeus (associated by the Greeks with Ammun). Thereby he can claim to become a pharaoh.

Join your hotel for overnight.


Day 7

Enjoy a day of fun and adventure in Siwa Oasis.
Climb aboard a Jeep and explore the vast Western desert. Enjoy the inimitable sensations provided by the dunes.
The shiny sun, the fine sand dunes, loose yourself in the middle of this golden desert.

End you day under the starry sky of Siwa, savoring a delicious barbecue and drinking a bedouin tea.

Experience bedouin life by spending the night in a traditional tent.


Day 8

Go back to the hotel to pick-up your personal belongings.
Travel back to Cairo for your final departure.

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