• Trip Days
    13 Days

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  • Difficulty


Cairo – Desert – Luxor- Red sea


4X4 Jeep, Van. Mini bus, Walking


Sahara and Red sea explorer

Fill up with various experiences : local food, adventure in the middle of the western desert, camping, excursion to the most beautiful Ancient monuments, relaxation in a idyllic scenery, sea bed exploration… Start your unforgettable trip in the megalopolis of Cairo. Face the greatness of the Ancient Egypt : the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara. Feel the spiritual vibes of the old districts and loose yourself in El Moez street. No doubt that the Islamic and Coptic Cairo will deep you straight into the Middle Ages. 

Venture yourself in the Western Desert and experience Bedouins life and culture. Climbing, swimming, camping … these are so many activities that enable you to make the most of this trip. Discover the richness of the Egyptian Desert : Crystal and Pyramid mountains, black desert, sand dunes : no doubt that the scenery will not fail to impress you.

Meet the glory of the Ancient Thebes, Luxor, all the temples and Ancient monuments scattered on both banks of the Nile river make this city a real open-air museum.

End your trip in a high relaxing note in Al Quseir. Enjoy 2 nights in all inclusive accommodation by the red sea. Here you can explore the treasures hold by the sea : brilliant fishes and incredible corals. 


Day 1

Welcome to Egypte

Aladin Tours’ representative will meet you at Cairo International Airport and accompany you to your hotel for overnight. He will give you brief idea about your program and an introduction about the Egyptian culture and habits.

Meals: No meals


Day 2

Make your first step in the metropolitan Cairo with your egyptologist guide. Visit the Egyptian Museum which contains the most beautiful artifacts of Ancient Egypt, royal mummies and the amazing treasure of King Tutankhamun.
Arrive to Giza and set eyes on the last remaining ancient wonder of the world : the Great Pyramids. Learn the history of this miraculous edifices that still keep the mystery of their construction. From the Plateau, enjoy the unique view of the Pyramids emerging from the golden sand of Giza. It’s the moment to take the pictures of your life ! Before leaving the site, let’s greet Abu El Hol, the 3000 years old great Sphinx.
After lunch, continue your trip with the necropolis of Saqqara. Here you can admire the step pyramid of Djoser : the first time that the pyramidal shape was used to built a tomb, 4000 years ago.

Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : Egyptian museum – The great pyramids – Saqqara pyramid


Day 3

Islamic and Coptic Cairo

Travel back to time by visiting the Citadel built in 1183 by sultan Salah El-Dine in order to defend the city against the army of the Crusaders. This fortress used to be the residence of Egyptian rulers during 700 years, nowadays it hosts many mosques and museums. Enjoy the phenomenal view of the oldest parts of the city. Walk to reach the islamic complex of Sultan Hassan mosque, which is composed of a mosque and a madrassa. Next to it you can admire El Rifai mosque and its smooth combination of styles from several epochs. Walking down small alleys, you arrive to Al-Azhar, one of the oldest university of the world. Stroll along El Moez street which hosts many medieval monuments.

Meals included : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : The citadel – Sultan Hassan & El Rifai mosques – Al Azhar mosque – El Moez street


Day 4

Bahariya oasis

After breakfast, board a van and start your journey to Bahariya oasis, the first step of your adventure in the Egyptian desert. Arrive in the afternoon to your camp, check-in and enjoy a nice lunch. After lunch start your excursion in the oasis. The salt lake and the natural springs scattered on the arid floor will not fail to attract you for a swim. Here on the Bahariya’s sand stands a Pyramid mountain, contemplate it’s pure and perfectly symmetrical shape. Climb to the top of the English mountain to admire the beautiful show offered by the setting sun. Go for a walk in the oasis market before being finally driven back to your camp. to savor a Bedouin dinner and spend the night.

Meals included : Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Included sightseeing’s : English mountain – Salt lake – Natural pyramids – Natural springs


Day 5

Black and White desert

After your breakfast, take the road towards the black desert aboard a 4×4. On your way, the floor will darker : welcome to the black desert, with its black sand and mountains. Make a stop at the the crystal mountain before reaching the most interesting spot of the day : the white desert. Here, you will observe the most astonishing natural wonders of Egypt. Setting foot on this desert is like leaving the earth to step into an other world. Far from the noise and pollution of the urban life, the pristine nature makes this White Desert a sanctuary for those who seek for peace. Contemplate the chalk-white rocks around you, some are mushroom-shaped while others are shaped like chicken, camel or dog…
This dramatic landscape is that breathtaking that you will not notice the time passing.
Savor a dinner in the white desert and stay for overnight.
End your day under the pure sky of Egypt, savoring a delicious barbecue and drinking a bedouin tea, some foxes might approach the camp in the hope to share the dinner. Spend the night in a traditional bedouin tent.

Meals included : Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Included sightseeing’s : White desert – Black mountain


Day 6

Farfara – Dakhla

After breakfast, drive south to Dakhla. On the way stop in the small Farfara, an Oasis dotted of hundred water wells. Here you will visit Badr’s art museum : a mud building which hosts pieces of art made from sand, mud and stone that tell you more about the oasis’ life. From there you will drive to Dakhla Oasis. Here you will have lunch and explore Muzawaka tombs, the “decorated” tombs because of the unique style used to beautify this roman tombs.
After this tour, check in your camp. Built in a high hill, this camp offers you a incredible view of Dakhla. Enjoy a BBQ dinner under the stars, then sleep overnight in Dakhla.

Meals included : Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Included sightseeing’s : Badr museum – Muzawaka tombs


Day 7

Al Qasr – Kharga Oasis

Start your day at Al Qasr and discover this medieval islamic town with its narrow streets and its minaret dated 12th century. Take the road towards Al Kharga Oasis. On your way, stop at Balat, a village dated to the Mamluk and Turkish era. Once in Kharga Oasis, have lunch and go visit El Bagawat, one of the oldest and best preserved Christian necropolis. Here you will also discover Ibis temple which was dedicated to the worship of god Amun. Your adventure in the desert ends here, your next destination is Luxor. Check in your hotel and take your time to relax after this long journey through the desert.

Meals included : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : Al Qasr – El Bagawat – Ibis temple


Day 8

Luxor – East bank

Explore East side of Luxor by horse drawn carriage. Get first to the vastest Ancient temple of Egypt. Karnak temple was dedicated to the Theban triad Amun, Mut and their son Khonsu and was connected to Luxor Temple by an long alley of sphinxes. During more than 2000 years, about thirty Pharaohs have contributed to the construction of the building, making it unique by its size, its degree of elaboration and the diversity of styles.
End your day with Luxor temple : this is the perfect time to enjoy the splendor of the Ancient architecture highlighted by the shimmering rays of the setting sun. Enter the site facing the immense pylon of Ramses II, his monumental colossi and of course the huge obelisk. Here, for the Feast of Opet, used to take place every year the union of Mut and Amun and the rebirth of their son. This ceremony radiated on the Pharaoh, who could thus renew his power above whole Egypt. The site also hosts a roman chapel and a mosque that you can still admire on the top of the ancient columns of the temple that make this place quite singular.
Relish a delicious dinner in the most famous local restaurant and stroll in the souq (market).

Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : Karnak temple – Luxor temple – Souq


Day 9

Luxor – West bank

Star an unforgettable excursion to the West bank of Luxor. Discover first the valley of the Kings, a set of 63 tombs excavated in the rock of the mountain. Venture inside three royal tombs and examine the colored scenes on the walls, these give you insights on the beliefs and funerary rites of Ancient Egyptian. It’s also a great reminder of the prestige and greatness of the pharaohs.
Continue your visit with the memorial temple of Hatshepsut. Arriving to the site, the impressive cliff will not miss to captivate your eyes. But it’s at the foot of this masterpiece of nature that remains the real wonder. The external architecture match perfectly with the refined cliff, the building seems to have been sculpted into the rock. Once inside you will notice that many statues and engraving have their face destroyed, your expert guide will explain you the strong history behind this. Reach now Medinat Habu and enter the temple that traces the story of the glorious King Ramesses III. End your day at the Colossi of Memnon. Massive, proudly standing, and the gaze fixed toward the Nile, the two colossi of Memnon were the guardians of the vastest and the most sumptuous temple in Egypt : that of Amenhotep.

Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : Valley of the kings – Hatshepsut temple – Medinat Habu / Ramses III – Colossi of Memnon


Day 10

El Quseir – Red Sea

Leave Luxor to the peaceful Red Sea where we are going to spend the next couple of days,. Arrive to Al Quseir, one of the oldest harbor in Egypt. It’s from here that Queen Hatshepsut has started her expedition to Land of Punt, it’s also from here that the Egyptian pilgrims used to take their boat to Mecca in medieval time. Check in your hotel, enjoy and relax under the sun on the beach.

Meals : Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Included sightseeing’s : Just relax or choose one of the organized optional activities below


Day 11

Al Quseir

Lounge on the warm sand and chill under the sun rays. You can explore more of the Red Sea treasures with our optional activities such as a snorkeling, diving course or camel ride etc…

Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


Day 12

Al Quseir – Return back to Cairo

Enjoy freely your morning before taking the bus back to Cairo.
Spend the night in Cairo.

Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

Included sightseeing’s : Just relax or choose one of our optional activities below


Day 13

End of the trip

Here ends your Royal family tour. You can catch your international flight back home or you can enjoy more time in Egypt by picking any visit or activity from our tailor made options.

Meals : Breakfast

Included sightseeing’s : Back home or optional activities from below

  • Accommodation
    All accommodation will be in a tourist class mid range standard hotels, with breakfast included and private bathroom, and camping in the desert.

  • Trip difficulty
    Sahara and the Red Sea trip, easy and with doable walking distance

  • Transportation
    Private A/C van, 4X4 Jeep, public bus

  • Meals
    Every day lunch included, you will experience lots of different Egyptian and Middle Eastern food, suites all different types

  • Pick up & drop off
    Airport pick up & Transfer included, we make it easy for you to reach your hotel and catch your flight back home.

  • Our support
    During the whole trip you will have an English speaking tour leader, and Egyptology tour guide, also you will have 24 hours support from our travel agency.

  • Optional activity
    This is an extra activity if you feel having the energy of doing more things we offer you an extra activities and fun to do.

  • More include meals
    Desert and Red Sea with full board accommodation.


  • Transportation to all included excursions
  • All the accommodation in mid range tourist class hotels, including breakfast
  • Full board accommodation during the desert trip and the Red Sea
  • Tour leader and English Egyptology tour guide during the whole trip.
  • Entrance fees during the including tours
  • Pick up and drop off from Cairo international airport


  • All the optional tours/activities
  • Appreciation
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Entry v


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Pocket money

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Eating is a big part of traveling fun and get to know country’s culture. Travelling with Bob Marley Travels will experience a lot of different local type of food which we include everyday lunch in your program with variety of different local meals. Most of the time dinner are not included which we give you more flexibility in deciding what and with whom to eat. It also gives you more flexibility in your budget, the food generally is cheap in Egypt. Our groups tend to eat together to let you enjoy each other’s company. Your tour leader will be able to suggest the best of all restaurants during your trip.

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